The World leader in container handling

Kalmar’s aspiration is to be better than its competition in supplying customers with world class products supported by local sales and service networks. Kalmar is a focused supplier to the following customers:
  • Container and trailer handling operators in ports, inland terminals and distribution centers
  • Stevedoring, timber, paper, concrete and steel industries with heavy duty material handling applications
The Kalmar line of equipment comes in both the masted line of forklifts and container handlers. The masted line of trucks can handle loads weighing up to 110,000 lbs while still offering the best ergonomics in operator comfort and easily accessible service access points.

Kalmar container handlers can be found globally in ports, inland terminals and distribution centres. These rigorous machines offer the utmost in operator comfort, durability and performance and come in a reach stacker and loaded / empty container handler models. Each model is built to the customer’s specific requirements.