Next Generation 30-ton Cat® Excavators


Our Next Generation 30-ton Cat excavators are stirring things up on the job site. With today’s fierce competition, businesses can’t afford to settle for second best. That’s why Caterpillar has expanded its popular line of ultra-efficient Next Generation excavators—powerful machines that raise the bar when it comes to cost savings, efficiency and productivity.  

Our Next Generation line of excavators now includes two new 30-ton models: the Cat 330 and Cat 336. Like our current 20-ton models, these powerful machines are equipped with advanced standard features and technologies that will allow you to achieve your projects with ease, comfort and high performance, giving you the kind of results that will place you ahead of the competition. 


What happens in the cabin is just as important as what happens outside of it. That’s why Next Generation cabs are designed with operator comfort in mind. Our new 330 and 336 excavators feature an important list of innovations that eliminate some of the most common sources of stress for operators. The windows and lower front profile of the machines have been developed to provide outstanding visibility, reducing machine operators’ tendency to constantly look forward to get a better view of their work area. The standard rearview camera, which can be easily monitored through the front-mounted, high-resolution display also allows operators to observe their surroundings without extra straining. As an added bonus, extra storage compartments are conveniently located in the rear, overhead and console compartments.


With standard Cat Grade with 2D, Cat Grade with Assist, Cat Payload and E-fence technologies, efficiency can be increased by a whopping 45% when compared to previous models.

MAKING THE GRADE – Cat Grade with 2D

Cat Grade with 2D comes standard on the 330 and 336 excavators. Cat Grade is easy to deploy, learn and upgrade, making it a valuable tool on the work site. Cat Grade is a simple and reliable depth and slope system that is ideal for working on flat planes and slopes. It greatly improves accuracy, speeds up grade operations, reduces rework and promotes better material management. Typical applications where Cat Grade can be especially useful include residential construction, general construction, utility project and commercial site work. Advanced grade systems are also available as options on the Next Generation excavators. Grade with Advanced 2D has the additional functionality of in-field design on a second high-resolution 10” touchscreen monitor. With this advanced tool, grade designs can be created and edited, in real time, from the convenience of the cab. To further maximize productivity, you can opt for Cat Grade 3D, which offers the ability to track the excavator’s absolute location through additional receivers and antennas relative to GPS and GLONASS systems. This is a highly beneficial system for applications such as large infrastructure, civil, heavy highway, and commercial site projects.

A GREAT ASSIST – Cat Grade with Assist

Cat Grade with Assist takes things up a notch. Standard on the Next Generation 330 and 336 excavators, this simple, scalable system automates boom, bucket and swing functions typically performed by the operator. Thanks to this advanced Grade Assist technology, high-efficiency grading tasks can be performed with less effort, fuel and materials—and this, without the need for extra infrastructure.


It pays to have the Cat Payload system. Standard on our machines, Cat Payload measures load weight on-the-go and displays it in the cab in real time. With this invaluable, easy-to-access information, the operator can achieve loading targets with better speed and precision. When over or under-loading is minimized, efficiency is optimized, which translates into cost savings that can greatly benefit the growth of your business.


The E-fence system is another standard feature that comes equipped on the Cat 330 and Cat 336 excavators. The E-fence feature elevates safety and security levels by using previously established boundaries to automatically stop excavator motion. These invisible electronic boundaries, which can be determined for the entire working area—above, below, front and sides—can be easily set via the cab’s monitor. E-fence technology protects your assets, prevents operator fatigue and reduces the risk of fines related to zoning or underground utility damage. This simple feature is an indispensable asset on any job site because of its capacity to immediately stop the machine’s movements if it breaches its boundaries, consequently helping protect your people and your property. Depending on your need, the standard protection system can be activated through several settings including Floor, Wall, Cab Avoidance, Swing and Ceiling.


You can say goodbye to extensive maintenance and repairs that drain your wallet. Reducing downtime caused by lengthy, constant service needs is something we strive to provide. Thanks to our consolidated filter locations, synchronized intervals, daily maintenance points that are accessible from ground level, extended maintenance intervals for oil and air filters, and higher dirt capacity hydraulic filter, we are committed to reducing service time, enhancing safety and service speed, increasing uptime, lowering costs and improving efficiency and service life. In fact, our Cat 330 and 336 Next Generation models can reduce your costs by up to 20% when compared to previous models. So, when you need durable, reliable equipment that works for you, look no further. Our new 30-ton Next Generation excavators are guaranteed to propel your business to the very top.

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