Our Cat Batteries



An overload is usually caused by an inadequate tension regulation, which can be characterized by excessive water use, graphite deposits on the internal side of the air caps, and high ammeter readings.


A low voltage setting, long-term storage, negligence and an unkempt alternator can all cause a discharge. These factors lead to a hardening of the accumulator plates and will ruin the battery. If a battery has been discharged, try to charge it at 8 amps for 24 hours.


Floating supports and missing battery bolts will lead to a great deal of vibration which causes accumulator plates to break, welds to crack, and plates to short-circuit, all of which contribute to the decrease in battery life.


Low electrolyte levels dry out the top part of the accumulator plates, destroying the exposed part of the battery. Maintenance-free batteries are the best solution to this problem.

Batteries do not last forever. Proper maintenance and regular diagnostic tests will enable your batteries to perform reliably.

To keep the pre-charge state of your batteries, contact us about diagnostic tests. If you need to replace your batteries, we have Premium, Large Capacity and Normal Service batteries in stock, ready to be installed.