Greases and oils Cat

graisses et huiles

There are many steps involved in your machinery maintenance and each one is important. One essential factor is the grease you choose. We offer different kinds to meet all your needs.

Cat multi-purpose lithium complex grease with molybdenum can be used for light to medium-load applications. The lithium acts as a thickening agent.

Moly grease is available in 3% concentration for light applications and 5% for heavier applications. Grease with 5% moly is made of a calcium sulfonate complex thickener that can be used in automatic greasing systems. This combination of 5% moly and complex thickener provides a much higher resistance to scratches, premature wear, corrosion and water washout.

Cat Desert grease offers the same protection as Cat 5% moly grease, but in moderate to extreme heat conditions (140°C). It is made of very high-viscosity synthetic base oil, which means that the viscosity will change minimally with temperature variances.

Cat Arctic grease has low-viscosity synthetic base oil. Cat Arctic grease with 5% moly offers exceptional protection in ambient temperatures as low as –50°C. This design ensures lubrication of all joints, even with significant temperature drops.

Cat Ball Bearing Grease provides high-level protection for all high and low speed ball bearings and rollers. More specifically, it is adapted to respond to speeds exceeding 10,000 RPM. 

Cat oil: diesel engine oil, hydraulic oil, transmission oil and drive train oil

Cat oils are specifically designed to maximize component life by resisting oxidation, preventing deposit buildup and maintaining the appropriate viscosity. Each oil is tested beyond industry standards to prove its capacity to extend oil change intervals, based on observation from the Cat S•O•SSM oil analysis program.

Cat oil advantages:

  • High performing, homogenous oils formulated to meet the needs of Cat machines and engines;
  • Best protection against wear;
  • Complete line of oils for each application and environment.

Cat Bio Hydo Advanced Oil

Cat Bio Hydo Advanced oil is certified by the EU FLOWER ecological label (European Label). It is recognized by the Québec Ministry of the Environment.

Characteristics of this oil:

  • Certified BF-2, which meets Caterpillar's manufacturer recommendations
  • Exceptional system protection
    • Superior protection against wear    
    • Increased resistance to corrosion
    • Rapid air escape (deaeration)
  • Oil changes every 6,000 hours of operation with follow-up with the S•O•SSM Fluids Analysis Lab
  • Operating temperatures from -30 to 45°C
  • Keeps its flow capability through filters, even with water    
  • Made from 99% organic-source carbon and 1% fossil carbon. Some competitors' oils are made of over 90% fossil carbon (petroleum)
  • Biodegradable over 80% in 28 days, which is certified OECD 301B
​In order to ensure the good working order of the equipment, it is important not to exceed a maximum of 5% residual oil when converting to biodegradable oil. It is also important to note that machines must be certified on a yearly basis.