Fuel efficiency fundamentals

Fuel is a big cost driver—at any price point. So reducing fuel consumption builds your bottom line. But even bigger gains can come from increasing fuel efficiency. When you do more work with the fuel you burn, you position your business for profitable growth. Five factors affect fuel efficiency: idle time, operator technique, equipment selection, technology and jobsite setup. Find information about the each of these factors here—and start recovering more profit from every tank.


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Idle time is probably costing you more than you think. Take a closer look at the total cost of idle time and see how other equipment owners are reducing it.
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Equipment selection

To optimize fuel efficiency, make sure your equipment is sized right and built with innovative features that improve productivity and conserve fuel.

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Operator technique

Find out why investing in training can cut fuel use by 10-12% percent and help you attract and retain skilled operators.

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Discover how tracking and using a few key pieces of machine data can help you improve fuel efficiency and profitability.

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Jobsite setup

Set up the jobsite right and you’ll boost productivity and burn less fuel. Learn how Caterpillar can help you increase efficiency by 15% or more.

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Insider info

Everybody publishes fuel data. But how do you know the numbers are legit? Caterpillar invites you behind the scenes for an insider’s look at our fuel efficiency testing process. Meet the talent behind the test. Get a glimpse of the top-secret tools we use. And count the number of hoops we jump through to keep things fair. When you see our commitment to precision and accuracy, you’ll know we’re delivering fuel efficiency data you can trust.