Expert Tips & Tricks

Mark Whiting is a Caterpillar expert—full of great ideas for improving site efficiency. We captured some of his best thinking in three quick videos. Watch them all and learn how a few small changes in job setup can improve productivity by 15-20%. He’ll also share practical tips for improving compaction efficiency and explain how Cat® GRADE technologies for dozers and motor graders will help you save time, cut costs and use less fuel.

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Idle Time

Idle time is probably costing you more than you think. Take a closer look at the total cost of idle time and see how other equipment owners are reducing it.

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Equipment Selection

To optimize fuel efficiency, make sure your equipment is sized right and built with innovative features that improve productivity and conserve fuel.

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Operator Technique

Find out why investing in training can cut fuel use by 10-12% percent and help you attract and retain skilled operators.

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Discover how tracking and using a few key pieces of machine data can help you improve fuel efficiency and profitability.

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Jobsite Setup

Set up the jobsite right and you’ll boost productivity and burn less fuel. Learn how Caterpillar can help you increase efficiency by 15% or more.

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Know what you burn and what you earn?

Use the Cat® Fuel Efficiency Tool to learn your fuel efficiency, average fuel burn compared to others in your region, plus tips to cut costs and increase efficiency.

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Caterpillar Pays you Back

We're so sure of what you can do with 160+ new Cat machines, we're putting money on it. Get more with new Cat machines: fuel consumption and parts availability guarantees, plus free monthly fleet reports.

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