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Close to 7 out of 10 contractors surveyed by Construction Equipment magazine said they’re using data from on-board systems in some aspect of their business. Ready to join that group? Or are you a current user who’d like to get to the next level? We have resources to get you started.


Construction Equipment magazine asked a group of contractors: How are you using machine data in your business?

31,9 % said they do not use data at this time.

43.8% Record hours, fuel & other operating data
38.8% Schedule preventive maintenance
35.0% Track fault codes & machine health
28.8% Identify location, use geo-fencing
25.0% Measure utilization
11.9% Use costs in rate setting
3.8% Monitor emissions


Caterpillar customers have a lot to say about the benefits of using machine data.
“At least 10 more loads a day.”
“It’s saved us one engine already ... probably $15,000 to $18,000 on that one incident.”
“In the past we guessed how much fuel a machine was using ... now we look at an average over time.”
“We were able to recover (a stolen) machine, undamaged, very quickly. No real downtime and no insurance costs.”
“We’ve seen a reduction in operator abuse events of as much as 75%.”
“The percentage of cost savings is almost in double digits.”
“Easier compliance reporting saves me time and money.”  

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Know what you burn and what you earn?

Use the Cat® Fuel Efficiency Tool to learn your fuel efficiency, average fuel burn compared to others in your region, plus tips to cut costs and increase efficiency.

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We're so sure of what you can do with 160+ new Cat machines, we're putting money on it. Get more with new Cat machines: fuel consumption and parts availability guarantees, plus free monthly fleet reports.

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