Bucket refurbishment

Save time and money by renovating your bucket

Did you know that after a certain number of hours of use, the performance of your bucket is reduced? Without warning, its structure thins out and can cause important damages that translate into a waste of time and money.

Restoring your bucket means:

  • Rationalizing your initial investment
  • Reducing equipment downtime
  • Heightening your productivity
  • Increasing your bucket’s life
  • Increased satisfaction of your equipment

3 steps to assess your bucket:

  • STEP 1: Locate the bucket sections showing wear
  • STEP 2: Define the levels of protection required for the sections that must be protected
  • STEP 3: Reorder protection tools to improve bucket performance

All our protection tools have a lifetime warranty

Toromont Cat offers tools designed for optimal protection of the most sensitive areas of your equipment and accessories.

Extend your bucket’s life, reduce downtime and increase productivity.