D•tech provides you with specific and important information about the condition of your equipment for better performance and efficiency!*

The combination of five elements, with the expertise of our equipment management and monitoring specialists, lets you detect the problem before it occurs, saving you time, money and energy!

D•tech is comprised of five elements:

1- Electronic equipment data

With VisionLink™, we can provide essential information remotely regarding the state of your equipment.

2- Toromont Cat S•O•S laboratory fluid analysis

A simple fluid sample allows us to carry out accurate analyses on your equipment’s state of health (component attrition rates, oil condition, oil contamination, oil identification).

3- Visual inspections / service agreement

Your daily inspections combined with the inspection of our technicians allow for immediate detection of a problem that could potentially affect the proper functioning of your equipment. The service agreement ensures that the maintenance of your equipment will be taken care of.

4- Equipment history

An analysis of all equipment history data can improve performance.

5- Work site condition

We assess the condition of your work site to identify possible operational and maintenance procedures that may be adapted to the work site.

*Certain conditions apply